Challenge in focus

The customer requested that we develop an innovative app to manage their welding systems. The goal was to streamline system operation and introduce a novel pay-per-use billing system for welding materials. This approach allows for free access to the welding equipment while selling and invoicing the materials through the app.

Breakthrough in Wi-Fi technology

The experts' solution utilises the welding system's existing Wi-Fi technology for seamless communication between the app and the system. The app has an intuitive protocol that enables precise control of welding processes and easy handling of material billing.

Revolutionary pay-per-use model

Linking the application and server allows for direct billing of welding materials to the customer's account. This model offers several advantages: users can access the application on any construction site, manage materials through the integrated warehouse management feature, and effectively avoid material shortages thanks to automated ordering functions.

Long-term success

The app solution has been successfully implemented for years, securing the customer a leading position in its market segment. This innovative solution optimises operating processes and sets a new industry standard.

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