Protection against cybercrime is increasingly important and always worth the investment

According to the majority of insurers and reinsurers, cybercrime will be the greatest risk to companies' business activities by 2022, and the latest studies, whether by TÜV Nord, the industry association Bitkom or the Federal Office for Information Security, show that the ever-increasing threat situation in this area no longer spares anyone - from the sole trader to global corporations.

As the level of digitalisation increases, the continuation of business activities becomes more and more dependent on digitally stored data and business processes mapped by IT systems. Outdated software and systems that are too open, increasingly complex supply chains and a constant exchange of information not only within the company but also with suppliers and customers create a large technical attack surface that can be exploited more or less easily by cyber criminals.

People themselves are also a key factor in enabling or facilitating cyber-attacks, due to an over-trusting approach to data, a lack of expertise and a stressful working day.

In addition to our own interest in maintaining business continuity, increasingly stringent government and EU requirements, as well as those of our own customers, mean that the issue of information security cannot be ignored.

That is why we help you to systematically develop and expand your security strategy and to embed it in the minds of your staff and management, as well as in your technical infrastructure. All this, of course, in accordance with the BSI basic protection and the recommendations of national and international institutions such as OWAP, BSI or CISA.

Our services:

  • risk analysis based on your value chain and IT architecture
  • creation of an action plan for effective cyber security and professional IT incident management
  • coaching and training of managers, staff and technical personnel to practice secure behaviour and develop a realistic risk awareness of cyber threats
  • customised identification of vulnerabilities and attack scenarios, and hardening of IT systems and applications
  • development of an IT security strategy and associated IT management systems
  • advising on and implementing user and identity management, backup strategies, and infrastructure and endpoint protection and management
  • auditing of technical measures and software developments
We are also happy to assist you in the form of grants, which we can apply for for you, as we do for many other customers.

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