A key to solving identification challenges

In production environments where goods need to be constantly moved and uniquely identified, traditional methods such as QR codes often lack the reliability required. This is particularly problematic in dusty environments or those contaminated with production waste. Our response? The development of an advanced NFC-based application.

Tailored industrial NFC solutions

As a leading app development agency and systems house, we were approached by a renowned electronics manufacturer to solve a specific challenge. After a thorough analysis of the customer's needs and production processes, we developed a customised mobile app and digital management platform for NFC technology. This solution enables contactless and contamination-free identification of systems in production - compatible with iOS and Android.

Revolutionary benefits thanks to NFC technology

The integration of NFC tags into manufactured goods is revolutionising identification processes. Regardless of the environment, these tags allow for permanent and energy independent identification. Linking the tags to ERP software also provides a clear and simple overview of all components in the production area. An NFC app solution therefore significantly increases the efficiency of production processes.

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