Do you need to read sensors in hazardous areas without a cable connection? Wireless technology offers a safe and efficient solution, especially for sensors installed up to 10 metres high.

Our expertise in Bluetooth app development enables seamless communication between your devices, even in critical environments. By implementing a Bluetooth mesh system, we can ensure comprehensive coverage and reliable data transmission, even in complex EX areas. Allow us to advise you and explore how our custom app solutions can simplify the parameterisation and reading of your sensors while adhering to safety regulations.

Innovative app solutions for efficient sensor control in the EX area

A manufacturer of flow sensors for hazardous environments needed a secure and wireless solution for sensor parameterisation and data readout. Our solution was a customised app, compatible with both iOS and Android, specifically developed to meet the requirements of the EX area.

This advanced app enables technicians and maintenance teams to efficiently and safely parameterise sensors and retrieve data directly on site. The user interface is intuitive and the Bluetooth technology is reliable, providing a seamless connection to the sensors. This optimises processes and significantly increases operational efficiency.

Bluetooth integration in customer devices: expert support for seamless connectivity

We also assist electronics developers in integrating the necessary Bluetooth technology for app development into the sensors. This can be a major challenge for customers, as it requires a precise understanding of the Bluetooth stack for programming the app and associated hardware. We are pleased to offer our support in this area.

Expert support for seamless Bluetooth connectivity in customer devices

Integrating Bluetooth technology into our customers' hardware can be a challenging task, particularly when developing sensor-based applications. Our experienced team is ready to provide comprehensive support to electronics developers. We have in-depth expertise in implementing the Bluetooth stack and associated hardware, which is essential for seamless communication and app functionality.

Our service not only solves the technical complexities of Bluetooth integration but also ensures the reliability and efficiency of the end product. We provide expertise in precisely tuning hardware components and fine-tuning software for optimal performance, guaranteeing the success of your projects.

Benefit from our experience to overcome common Bluetooth integration challenges. We can seamlessly and functionally embed Bluetooth technology into your sensors and devices, not only meeting but exceeding your customers' expectations.

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