The comparison matters:

The costs of individually developed apps can vary significantly depending on specific requirements and features. Just like with cars, where the equipment determines the price – whether it's a 2-seater or a family vehicle, whether it's designed for the city or rugged outdoor adventures –, similarly, the various features influence the overall price when it comes to apps.

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Key cost factors in app development:

  • Development and Strategy Planning: Clarify the app's intended functions, life cycle, and determine whether a native or cross-platform app is appropriate. Has the idea been fully developed, and is there a proof of concept? Identify the necessary steps for the complete development process, including brainstorming, user interface concept, click dummies, graphic design, and technical specifications for databases and interfaces.

  • Interaction with hardware components: Does the application interact with any hardware components? Is the communication protocol fully available?

  • Professional testing: How much effort is required for a professional test of the application?

  • Post version 1.0: What is planned after the completion of version 1.0? Is maintenance and further development planned?

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Examples of common app development costs in our daily lives (Apple iOS, Android, Windows)

  • Android app development for Bluetooth-based system control: €18,000 cost for tailored implementation as per client specifications.

  • Cross-platform (hybrid) app for iOS and Android, displaying database content with basic converters: €15,000 investment for custom design and implementation.

  • Complex native iOS app enabling WLAN-based system control: €53,000 expenditure covering consulting, design, development, and integration (excluding ongoing operations and extensions).

  • Native Windows 11 app facilitating mobile control in healthcare, integrating with client's SQL database: €154,000 budget for consulting, design, implementation, and system integration (excluding ongoing operations and extensions)."

  • Advanced app for refinery maintenance and management, featuring SAP integration: €137,000 investment for consulting, design, implementation, and system integration (excluding ongoing operations and extensions).

  • Smart home automation app with IoT capabilities, tailored for a convenience beverage manufacturer: €127,000 expenditure covering consulting, design, implementation, and hardware system integration.

  • Security-focused iOS and Android apps for end-user system control (smart home locking system) with AES Security: €327,000 budget covering consulting, design, implementation, inclusive of AES Security.

  • Planning and execution of a digital sponsorship platform (app, web, server) for municipal facilities, meeting stringent GDPR requirements: €167,000 allocation for consulting, design, and implementation.

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