Testimonials of satisfied customers

"With AppPlusMobile Systemhaus, we have found true experts and our partner for consulting in the field of mobility and app development. Our customers appreciate the pragmatic and clear communication, as well as the reliable implementation of their requirements."

Sabesan Yoganathan, DoWorks https://doworks.de

"After comparing AppPlusMobile to several of our personal acquaintances, we have decided to entrust them with full responsibility for all of our platforms and apps. In addition to meeting deadlines and demonstrating expertise and flexibility, we were particularly impressed by AppPlusMobile's proactive approach and excellent customer advice. This was evident in a direct comparison with a competitor developing for a different platform in parallel. Unlike the other app developer, AppPlusMobile regularly offered high-quality suggestions and solutions without prompting, which we gladly accepted. AppPlusMobile successfully guided us through the app theme."

Geschäftsführer Herr Riko Best

"From our initial contact, AppPlusMobile demonstrated their extensive expertise and impressed us with their competence. We would like to compliment the AppPlusMobile experts for their intensive consultation during the pre-project phase. The subsequent collaboration met all of our expectations. In addition to friendly and close coordination on all issues, the AppPlusMobile team also excelled in competent and goal-oriented project management.  All of our requirements and needs were considered during the development process, resulting in a customised, high-quality app that showcases the portfolio of a leading German manufacturer of conservatories. The app was developed professionally, with our thoughts and visions taken into account, and has had a very positive impact on our company's image.."

Geschäftsführer Andreas Krenzer, Krenzer GmbH

"AppPlusMobile provided us with exceptional expertise and executed our ideas as requested."

Dr. Tilman Kappe, Interrogator

"AppPlusMobile Systemhaus provided us with excellent support in expanding our plastic welding equipment to include mobile technology control. They quickly understood our concept and added several professional ideas. The cooperation was transparent, and they proactively accepted every new engineering challenge, checking for feasibility. By providing a clickable prototype, we were able to discuss and refine our ideas early on and efficiently implement changes into the app development process.  We had access to a software prototype in the initial stages, which helped us to precisely adjust the technical interfaces of our plastic welding machines to meet the technological requirements of the app. We look forward to continuing our pleasant cooperation in the future and implementing new measures into the AppPlusMobile system house."

CEO Herr Achim Spychalski-Merle, PF-Schweisstechnologie GmbH

The app for controlling the plastic welding machines via WLAN and Bluetooth is available here.

Feedback on Tobias Diestelkamp on Linkedin

"Tobias is a clear minded person who can think ahead several steps.. I highly recommend Tobias to anyone working in the UI/mobile area both for his competence and professional attitude."
Timo Tokkonen Senior Manager, UI strategy and UI technologies, Nokia, Innovation Management, Finland
"Tobias is an energetic and responsible person who drives his projects successfully and with very human touch."

Pekka Ketola Senior manager, Nokia Nseries Management Finland
"..I sincerely enjoyed working with Tobias since he can very fluently combine creativity and problem solving.."
Juha Simola, Nokia Nseries Management, Finland"
"Focussed and positive delivering good quality on time.”

Steven Tyrell, Product Marketing Manager, Nokia
"Tobias is very dedicated person for his mission even under the very difficult conditions.."

Eriko Wanibe, User Experience Manager, Nokia Japan
"Tobias is excellent consumer experience leader..."

Juha Matero, User Experience Manager, Nokia - Product Marketing UK