Under the banner of "Three Strong Companies - One BKK", the BKK Rieker - RICOSTA - Weisser provides an exclusive employer health insurance scheme to the employees and families of Rieker, RICOSTA and Weisser. The benefits are specifically designed to suit the needs of each company.

Review management and appstore management

We have been providing advisory and support services to BKK Rieker - RICOSTA - Weisser for many years concerning the management of their applications on both Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play Store. Our role involves managing the reviews of their ePA app, "ePA BKK Rieker RICOSTA Weisser", on these platforms.

We can assist you with review and store management. Please request our offer now.

All important health data at a glance - BKK Rieker • RICOSTER • Weisser's electronic patient file (ePA)