Under the slogan "For the ordinary | extraordinary", BKK PwC provides remarkable benefits as a corporate health insurance scheme to the staff and their families at PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH.

Review management and appstore management

We have been providing app store management support to BKK PwC for many years, specifically for Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play Store. Our responsibilities include managing reviews for the ePA app offered by BKK PwC, known as "ePA BKK PwC".

We also manage the BKK app stores. Here at our company, we alleviate BKK's burden by analyzing and implementing the ever-changing, updated requirements from Apple, Google, and the app publisher. Additionally, we make necessary adjustments to the stores in accordance with BKK's preferences. Our objective is to deliver solutions that meet BKK's needs effectively.

We can assist you with review and store management. Please request our offer now.

All important health data at a glance - BKK Pricewaterhouse Coopers's electronic patient file (ePA)