Minimise operating costs and significantly simplify complex processes with the benefits of our specialised app solutions for metrology and Industry 4.0. With our intuitive and easy-to-use app technology, your smartphone remains your constant companion in everyday work.

Our innovative app enables professionals to control professional pipe welding equipment accurately and safely - a significant improvement over traditional methods. This increase in efficiency not only saves costs, but also expands the technical possibilities directly on the construction site. Increase your productivity and open up new fields of work with our future-proof app development for Industry 4.0.

This is what Managing Director Mr Achim Spychalski-Merle, PF-Schweißtechnologie GmbH, says:

"AppPlusMobile Systemhaus provided us with excellent support in expanding our plastic welding equipment to include mobile technology control. They quickly understood our concept and added several professional ideas.

The cooperation was transparent, and they proactively accepted every new engineering challenge, checking for feasibility. By providing a clickable prototype, we were able to discuss and refine our ideas early on and efficiently implement changes into the app development process. We had access to a software prototype in the initial stages, which allowed us to precisely tailor the technical interfaces of our plastic welding machines to meet the technological requirements of the app.

We look forward to continuing our pleasant cooperation in the future and implementing new measures into the AppPlusMobile system house."

You too can use the possibilities of controlling, analysing, connecting or even remotely controlling your devices via smartphone or tablet app:

  • via Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth LE)
  • wirelessly by e.g. ADHOC and Telnet
  • by NFC
  • in automation technology
  • use in areas with potential explosive atmosphere
  • exceptionally secure
Home automation, home networking, and building control are well-supported. The keywords here are ZigBee, Z-Wave, HomeMatic, RWE, EnOcean, and KNX-RF, which can also be supported via modules connected to the smartphone.

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Revolutionary innovation for PF-Schweißtechnologie GmbH

Discover an application that opens up a wide range of previously unattainable applications and is changing the welding market. Say goodbye to conventional operation with small displays and cumbersome membrane keypads. With the intuitive app, you can now conveniently control all functions from your smartphone. Take accurate measurements, maintain your equipment efficiently and use the advanced capabilities of iPhone and Android to save and transfer entire processes. Not only does this give you better control and monitoring of your equipment, it also increases the efficiency of your operations. Take a leap into the future of welding with this groundbreaking app.

Industry 4.0 app development: control, measurement, maintenance via smartphone

Example: App for industrial pipe welding machines