This mobile app demonstrates the benefits of using a mobile solution for industrial applications.

It is available for both Apple iPhone and Android and is a practical tool for screening machine users. The app includes measurement options such as 'VibFlash' for stroboscope measurements, 'VibSonic' for sound pressure measurements, and 'SizeChecker' for measuring the grain size and distribution of screened material.


The sound pressure measurement feature uses the built-in microphone to record noise emissions from individual machines or a machine park. This allows for quick and easy checking of compliance with noise limits, which is important for determining machine functionality or as an indication for noise protection measures.

The app simplifies the process of visually recording the vibrations of a system using the LED light and camera on a smartphone with the stroboscope function. This eliminates the need for expensive measuring devices.

Additionally, the 'SizeChecker' tool allows industrial users to take a photo of their granular product with their smartphone camera. The application then transmits the photograph to the servers of the company, which promptly returns data on particle size and distribution. This enables manufacturers of granulates to assess the quality of their products and draw conclusions about machine utilization or production.

Technologies used

The native app performs mathematical calculations, including complex Fourier transformations, and utilises a web service for live calculations using an image processing algorithm.

Rhewum's Managing Director, Sigurd Schütz, commented on the app:

"The application offers practical benefits not only to our customers but also to anyone who uses screening machines for their production. Our systems, combined with our technical expertise, provide the necessary mathematical and data analysis, which are then bundled and refined in the mobile application."

The communicative significance is crucial for an industry application. The app can easily spread within specialist circles due to its simple download procurement on smartphone portals.

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