A masterpiece of engineering and history

AppPlusMobile is pleased to introduce the PortApp, a groundbreaking application in the field of digital art history. Developed in collaboration with the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel (HAB) and the University of Hildesheim, this unique application represents a significant achievement in the automatic image recognition of early modern portraits.

The challenge

The world of early modern portraiture is intriguing and intricate. Historians, art enthusiasts, and the curious have often faced the challenge of identifying the origins and identities of the people depicted in thousands of individual portraits. The HAB collection, which comprises approximately 30,000 printed portraits, provides an excellent research opportunity to develop a solution that will benefit not only experts but also the general public.

The solution: PortApp

The PortApp utilises advanced deep learning technologies to overcome this challenge. By analysing similarities between images, it can answer questions about the origin, people depicted, and their identification within the HAB's extensive collection. This technological innovation enables users to access historical treasures directly through their mobile devices, while also contributing to research and understanding of art history.

Available now

The PortApp is now available in app stores, marking a pivotal moment for those interested in early modern art history and the use of modern technology in the humanities. Download the app to immerse yourself in the world of early modern portraiture, discover unknown faces, and learn more about the people who once shaped society.

A pioneering project

The development of PortApp highlights AppPlusMobile's commitment to pushing boundaries and providing innovative solutions that make knowledge more accessible. Collaborating with renowned academic institutions such as HAB and the University of Hildesheim demonstrates how technology and humanities can work together to illuminate the past and open up new avenues of learning and discovery.

Explore the past with PortApp and witness how AppPlusMobile utilises technology to bring history to life. Additional information on PortApp can be found on the official website of the Herzog August Library.

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