For MUNK GmbH, the innovative market leader in power supply solutions for industrial applications, we are developing various mobile industrial controllers for Android tablets.

For example, a single app control can replace up to 16 terminals - a very significant cost saving.

AppPlusMobile Systemhaus is responsible for in-depth consulting and implementation, i.e. app development including all specifications.

The apps empower machine operators and shift supervisors to analyze, visualize, control, and maintain the machines with confidence. This provides them with a comprehensive overview of all machines across the entire company premises, even while on the move. Additionally, they have the ability to operate the machines at any time.

Durch die mobile Lösung einer App-Steuerung konnten u. a. die hohen Kosten für den Betrieb von 16 Terminals eingespart werden.
Die Apps kommunizieren mit Hilfe unserer speziellen Code-Bibliotheken direkt mit den verwendeten Siemens SIMATIC S7 SPS.

We intentionally left out cloud services for security reasons.

Our innovative concept is based on our highly secure and robust mobile apps.

The apps support important use cases

  • remote access
  • visualise TARGET and ACTUAL values of the system
  • production data acquisition
  • control and parameterize the programs
  • commissioning and calibration
  • operation tracking
  • remote error analysis


  • natively developed apps
  • communication via socket over wireless connection
  • direct control of Siemens Simatic S7 via proprietary libraries
  • customisable at customer/device level
  • protected against manipulation and unauthorised access

Do you want to learn more about us or have an app developed?

System control 4.0

Apps for device control for Siemens SIMATIC S7