Experts in mobile information technology (IT), applications, and mobile phones

Expert in mobile solutions for Nokia, Siemens, Mercedes since 1997

Tobias Diestelkamp, founder and managing director of AppPlusMobile Systemhaus, has extensive experience in the development of mobile technologies. Prior to founding his company, Mr Diestelkamp held leading positions at well-known companies such as Siemens, Mercedes-Benz and Nokia.

„Tobias is a clear minded person who can think ahead several steps.. I highly recommend Tobias to anyone working in the UI/mobile area both for his competence and professional attitude.“

Timo Tokkonen Senior Manager, UI strategy and UI technologies, Nokia, Innovation Management, Finland

„..I sincerely enjoyed working with Tobias since he can very fluently combine creativity and problem solving..“

Juha Simola, Nokia Nseries Management, Finland

„Tobias is excellent consumer experience leader…“

Juha Matero, User Experience Manager, Nokia – Product Marketing UK

„Tobias is an energetic and responsible person who drives his projects successfully and with very human touch.“

Pekka Ketola Senior manager, Nokia Nseries Management Finland

„Focussed and positive delivering good quality on time.”

Steven Tyrell, Product Marketing Manager, Nokia

„Tobias is very dedicated person for his mission even under the very difficult conditions..“

Eriko Wanibe, User Experience Manager, Nokia Japan

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From usability to product marketing: Diestelkamp's career

Tobias started his career as a usability engineer before becoming a project manager and later a user experience manager. Between 1997 and 2008, he played a key role in shaping the usability of Nokia's global N series - one of the company's high-end smartphone segments.

Global responsibility and strategic planning in the mobile industry

As a global manager, Tobias Diestelkamp worked in Nokia's development and product marketing department, where he was responsible for strategic planning and implementation in the mobile phone sector. His areas of responsibility included enterprise mobile for Siemens, automotive for Nokia and Mercedes-Benz, and entertainment and business smartphones for Nokia.

A selection of successful projects: