About the app

The iGASES apps by Witt-Gasetechnik provide a gas lexicon as a reference guide for commonly used technical gases. It includes essential physico-chemical properties such as density, vapour pressure, ignition range, and thermal conductivity, as well as safety instructions.

The converter allows for easy conversion of values such as pressure, volume (flow), temperature, and mass into all major international units of measurement, accessible on-the-go.

All data sheets are available online or offline.


  • dictionary for all common and special gases
  • unit converter
  • flow rate calculator
  • WITT data sheets are available both locally and online
  • contact WITT experts directly


  • simple cross-platform app with jquery mobile / Phonegap / Cordova (our app developers are also experts in Xamarin)
  • available on Google Android and Apple iOS
  • localised in various languages

Do you want to learn more about us or have an app developed?

Cross-platform app development as a mobile gas encyclopaedia

Example: iGASES, a reference work for all common technical gases